Rick & Morty Worth the Watch

The show is entertaining for mature audiences


Jamie Andrews, Staff Writer

Rick and Morty is an entertaining show with amusing jokes. However, it is mainly for a more mature, adult, audience because of profanity, and other parts not appropriate for children. I definitely recommend this show for any members of an older audience!

The show Rick and Morty is amusing because of both the scientist and his grandson. They go on comical adventures, which makes the show very engaging to the audience. Morty’s grandfather is the smart character who teaches Morty everything he needs to know about life, science, and how to react to bad situations. Something interesting about the show is that the pair travels to many different places, and even different universes. On these explorations they often discover things which will help Rick with his science experiments. Some of his creations help Morty out in school, as well, for example, the time when he snuck into his teacher’s house and made him think he needed to give Morty an A in his class – in order to allow Morty to go places with Rick.

Though this show is very entertaining, it could be considered bad because of offensive language, and other inappropriate things. Some audience members may not enjoy these scenes, but if you like comical shows with adventure, this show is for you!

In conclusion, this show could not be enjoyable for some viewers, te=he majority of viewers will find it very interesting! This show includes life lessons, and is a great for older audience watching.