Plymouth Knows How to #SkillIt


Students from PSHS Skills USA celebrate their medals

Maria Baker, Staff Writer

     Though the transition from winter to spring may mean the start of a favorite sport season for some, and the granting of the wish for warm weather for others, in the world of Technical Studies, this time of year means SkillsUSA competition time.

     SkillsUSA is a student-run organization that involves more than 395,000 students enrolled in trade, technical, service and health occupational training. Plymouth’s Vocational Technical Studies programs unite the cross-town rivals into one chapter in competition.

     Some of our tech students have had many years of experience at the many conferences and competitions that SkillsUSA has to offer, while others, much like myself, have just started out this school year.

     I have been training for months with Plymouth South’s SkillsUSA Advisors, Mr. Medeiros and Mr. Strassel, along with a handful of other teachers and students, to prepare for the State Executive Council Election that takes place at the State level competition.

     To get there, however, I first had to face the Districts Conference. I, along with many of our school’s technical studies students, qualified and medalled at this competition, to advance to the State level and compete against other students in trade education from all across Massachusetts. Representing Plymouth Technical Studies’ success are…


Plymouth South High School’s Medalists

  • Aidan Myers, Electrical Construction Wiring (Bronze)
  • Ian Harrington, Technical Drafting (Bronze)
  • Nick Caruso, Plumbing (Silver)
  • Zach Connolly, Commercial Baking (Silver)
  • Jordan Hoagland, Cosmetology (over 500 hours) (Silver)
  • Harry Churchill, Electrical Construction Wiring (Silver)
  • James Armany, Industrial Motor Control (Silver)
  • Heather Oxsen, Photography (Silver)
  • Jessica Johnson, Auto Refinishing Technology (Gold)
  • Ben Plourde, Auto Service Technology (Gold)
  • Abigail Fernandes, Commercial Baking (Gold)
  • Jack Locke, Electrical Wiring Construction (Gold)
  • Brendan Murphy, Industrial Motor Control (Gold)
  • Makenzi Stoddard, Plumbing (Gold, with a perfect score on 1 of 3 tests)
  • Caroline Pederson, Restaurant Service (Gold)
  • Maria Baker, Qualified for State Officer Candidacy

    PSHS Students in Skills USA pose at CVTE Showcase last month

Plymouth North High School’s Medalists

  • Lilly Ciaranca, Nursing Assistant (Bronze)
  • Scott Peterson, Masonry (Bronze)
  • Colin Brown, Masonry (Silver)
  • Jeffery Rodden, Urban Search & Rescue (Silver)
  • Brendan Clarke, Urban Search & Rescue (Silver)
  • Sean Hart, Masonry (Gold)
  • Maria Gabriela Deoliveira, Health Knowledge Bowl (Gold)
  • Rachel Peterson, Health Knowledge Bowl (Gold)
  • Hope Manion, Health Knowledge Bowl (Gold)
  • Brenna Tobin, Health Knowledge Bowl (Gold)
  • Ryan Brown, Carpentry (Gold)

     These competitors represented Plymouth and will continue to do so at the State level.

     SkillsUSA competitions, I can honestly say, are the most incredible things that I have experienced in high school, but without a doubt, the most difficult and time consuming to undertake. With Plymouth’s incredible success at the Districts Conference, there are countless hours of work being put in within our schools to do the same at States.

     I know that at our next competition, the support of our chapter is beyond compare. The Plymouth section of the audience is known to be “shushed” after cheering on one of our own. We are ready to take on States, because Plymouth knows how to #SkillIt.