Must Watch Movies For Christmas Season

Michael Sullivan



Now that Turkey day has come and gone, many will agree that it is safe to talk about what is arguably the best holiday of the year. With temperatures dropping and the holidays knocking on our door, Christmas movies will be playing on many tv stations. Here is a list of the top must watch Christmas movies. (92 people surveyed total on their favorite Christmas movie)


  1. Elf (19 votes) – Found on almost every station at some point in December, this Christmas tale will never fail to make you smile. Will Ferrell stars as a human living among elves who is named Buddy and searches for his father and ultimately the meaning of life. Taking place in New York City, we follow the struggles Buddy goes through as he is immersed for the very first time in everyday city life. His father is a grumpy man named Walter who is extremely hesitant to take Buddy in, but eventually does with the encouragement from his wife Emily. Michael, their son, forms a bond with Buddy after a hard fought snowball fight against several bullies. As time goes on, Buddy struggles to incorporate himself into society, but will eventually find true love, as well as help increase the Christmas spirit in New York City
  2. A Christmas Story (14 votes) – “You’ll shoot your eye out!” Or so we are told multiple times in this Christmas classic. Released in 1983, Peter Billingsley plays nine year old Ralphie Parker who desperately wants the Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle. We follow Ralphie on his Christmas adventure to obtain this rifle, as well as witness hilarious happenings in the Parker house hold. From his father winning a lamp in the shape of a leg with stockings, to the neighborhood bullies causing trouble, the audience is in for a laugh. Save this one for Christmas day, because it will play throughout the night.
  3. Home Alone (10 votes) – Macaulay Culkin stars as the adorable Kevin McCallister in this wildly known comedy. We can all recite the story; the excessively large McCallister family wakes up late, and hustles around the house, collecting luggage as they rush to make their plane for Christmas vacation. Kevin is left behind, and must survive in the large house alone. When two goofy burglars attempt to rob the house, Kevin makes a stand. He makes them look quite the fools, as the audience is filled with nonstop laughter. This is a must watch, as it also teaches us the lesson of family love.
  4. Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer (10 votes) – Tying for third is the ever-loved Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer. We all know the lyrics of the song, and will sing along with it the moment it comes on. Nothing like a classic Santa Claus tale, as our hero Rudolf saves the day. This reminds us all that there is that little hero in us, and that even if you’re a little different, that just makes you all the more special.
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (9 votes) – With multiple different versions, and even a song or two, how can one not love this story of a cold heart growing warm. Dr. Seuss was the original creator of this beloved tale. The cold hearted Grinch hides up on Mount Crumpit, which looks down on the lovely town Whoville. He is always sour, and his only friend is his beloved dog Max. Long story short, he meets a little girl named Cindy Lou, who manages to warm up his cold heart.
  6. It’s a Wonderful Life (9 votes) – Not many teenagers of today have seen this very original and beautiful movie. Written in 1939, and filmed in 1945, the original version came out in black and white. This may seem misleading, and could steer some away from the film. But if given the opportunity, It’s a Wonderful Life is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and heart warmer for people of all ages. The story line follows George Bailey, a suicidal man who is contemplating his life on Christmas Eve. An angel is sent from Heaven to show George what his life would be like in his town without him. The results are truly heart warming as he is shown the major positive impact he has had on his neighbors and friends throughout the years. This film will make you smile, and truly appreciate Christmas. It is a must watch.

Other answers by poll takers: Polar Express (2), Bad Santa (2), 8 Crazy Nights (2), Year Without a Santa Claus (3), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (6), Love Actually (1), White Christmas (3), The Nightmare Before Christmas (3), A Christmas Carol (1).