The top pick for movie night over break, Frozen.

Allison Asquino, Staff Writer

In the movie, Frozen, there is a royal family with a queen, king, and 2 princesses. The main characters are 2 sister’s, names Elsa, played by Idina Menzel, and Anna, played by Kristin Bell.

When they were younger, the oldest one, Elsa, hit Anna in the head with her powers accidently. Elsa doesn’t feel in control of her powers so she locks herself away. She accidently loses control at the opening gates ceremony/party and she casts the entire Kingdom in ices and snow. Anna goes on a quest to find Elsa to unfreeze the Kingdom. This kids cartoon is a fictional story about love from two sisters.

I think the movie is lacking in some ways, because it has the parents die, and isn’t the whole idea of this movie is how love prevails over hatred? I think the parents should have lived and they should be in it all the way through.

However, seeing the two sisters over come the trials of grief and their other problems in the film is inspiring.

Then here comes the good part of the movie, the first good part, I think is that when Kristoff comes to the rescue, because his love for Anna is true.  Another feel good part is the ending, because they had a happy ending.  Anna got her true love.  Overall, I think this is a fun and imaginative movie for children to watch, because it makes them believe in magic and I can not wait until they come out with a second Frozen movie.