Criminal Minds Pushing People To Be Aware Of Their Surroundings

Each episode is unique and interesting and you’ll find yourself seeing the world differently


Sophia Ottino, Staff Writer

Criminal Minds, the show that came out 15 years ago is making its way back to the top. Teenagers across the country have started to watch the hit show after its made its appearance on Netflix. The show has a group of characters that work at the BAU in Quantico, Virginia, studying behaviors of serial killers and other murderers.

Every episode is uniquely different. There is always a new case and a new murderer. Criminal Minds shows us the way that FBI agents work to solve murders. The characters portray high levels of intelligence while solving the cases. The show can be very emotional and violent to some people who watch it. 

The characters consist of Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Derek Morgan, JJ Jureau, Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, and Penelope Garcia. Each character is different in their own way. They all have very distinct personalities, for example, Spencer Reid is a certified genius. He knows basically everything about anything known to man. The rest have high levels of intelligence as well. You can’t be in the BAU without having a little intelligence. Lastly, of course, they all are trained in fighting. There are many take-downs in the show especially made by Derek Morgan.

Overall the show is very unique and intriguing. Once you start watching, you can’t stop. You get attached to every character as well as trying to figure out the different cases along the way. The show teaches us that sometimes everything is not what it seems. It makes us think in ways that we have never thought before. While watching the show we start investigating normal things in life, as simple as a piece of paper with weird handwriting on it. The show also has unique quotes during the episodes. These quotes have something to do with each episode. There is always a lesson or thesis in every episode, and these quotes tell us the morals of the story with the psychopathic serial killers.

Overall I would give this show an outstanding 8/10. The show is fantastic and I encourage everyone to watch it. Once you watch this show you cannot stop it because it’s very addicting, in a good way.