Black Panther Wakanda Forever Instant Hit

Action and Emotion Combine for a Movie You Won’t Forget


Lea Maynard, Staff Writer

Ryan Coogler brings a sequel to The Black Panther movie to the big screen. While it’s filled with intense action, excitement, and comedy, it also has a considerable amount of sad and heartwarming moments.


The film started off more sad because of the tragic passing of the Black Panther (Chawick Boseman), but quickly picked up as the villains in this movie came into play. There is an underwater tribe called the Talokan that brings distraught to the Wakandans. A new character, Ironheart, joins the group to help fight the leader of the tribe, Namor. Namor wants to kill Ironheart because she was a threat to their tribe. The Wakandans wanted to protect her from them, but Namor tries to convince them to make an alliance which involves killing ironheart and others. They know what is right, so they fight the Talokans.


The film had quite a lot of action, and a good amount of comedy that wasn’t over the top. There were some sad moments for Shuri after losing her brother, but I feel like that was what made her such a good black panther. She showed the audience that she could carry the name of the black panther. The plot was amazing along with the acting, I think Tenoch Huerta had the best acting as the antagonist. He had the most potential. The cinematography was pretty good, especially the camera angles and movements during the fight scenes because it zoomed in on the epic actions.


Overall, I would give this movie a 9.7/10 and would highly suggest this to all marvel fans.One tip: make sure to watch the first Black Panther before seeing this one.