Witnessing Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Julia Cronin, Editor


This year for the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump was sworn in and some of Plymouth South’s very own -students and teacher’s alike- were there to witness the transfer of power in our nation.


The four teachers, Mr. Walker, Ms. Shaver, Mr. Fust, and Mrs. Degelder along with myself and about 40 other students boarded the bus at 5:30 in the morning to drive to RFK Stadium to join the thousands walking to the capital.


The walk was long and the drizzly weather held up as we waited through long lines to get through security. Along the way we were exposed to all sorts of protests about all different issues in our country. We were given the opportunity to see people exercising their rights. Though parts of it were hard to see, it’s important that all of us as Americans witness freedom of speech but also use it in our daily lives, as it is a part of our nation.


As student Maddi Hunt said, “It showed who certain voters were as people, and it encouraged me to make a difference and change the minds of people who were so focused on hate”


Due to protesting and the long security lines it caused, we were not able to make it on to the capital for the inauguration. However, thanks to the help of our fabulous tour guide, we made it in front of a jumbotron by the Washington monument.


Witnessing Donald Trump be sworn in was a unique opportunity for myself and everyone else on the trip. Whether we disagreed with him or agreed we can all agree it was the experience.


As Mr. Fust the AP History teacher at South High said, “It is a lesson to kids that while we all hold different views as Americans and all come from different backgrounds at the end of the day we are all Americans and even when we disagree especially when it comes to an election, power is always handed off peacefully and that is the essence of the democratic process.”


A memorable moment would have to be after the inauguration, seeing the Helicopter that Former President Barack Obama and Former First Lady Michelle Obama were flying on.


On the trip along with all the sights we got to see, we got to see the heart of politics in our country where democracy is very much alive and thriving. Now we as Americans await and see what our new leader chooses to do or not to do during his four years in office.