Trails End Bistro Wins Chili-Fest

Local restaurant owners win chili-fest and donate money to charity

Samarah Holmes, Staff Writer

Sunday, September 18th was the local community Redbrook’s Annual Chili Fest. One of the competitors in the contest was Trails End Bistro, a small family-owned restaurant in Redbrook. Trails End opened in May of 2022, and their business quickly took off with their rich, aromatic foods and airy atmosphere. Trails End’s owner, Sahin Gulsen and his wife, Martina Gulsen entered into the competition with their famous Gulsen family chili.

The Chili Fest Tickets were $20 each, to support a charity aimed at cancer research foundations such as Dana Farber. For the second year in a row, Gulsen won the competition and the famous chili award. He chose to donate the money to Dana Farber Cancer Research. The Gulsen’s table had both the chili table, and also a wine table. We interviewed Haleigh Zion, Trails End waitress and bartender, “the chili table was bombarded all day long,” said Zion. 

Inside the Bistro during the fest was also slammed. Though people were not ordering food, they were coming to the inside bar to order harder liquor. “Our bartender probably made around $700 in tips,”. At the end of the night, Sahin and Martina Gulsen were the winners out of all 50+ contestants, winning the chili award and $200 for charity.