Ten of the Dumbest Ways to Spend Your Lotto Winnings

David Duquette

Using that money to go on an eBay spending spree:

The grilled cheese that looks like Jesus is not something you should be putting millions of dollars into



Because the best thing to do after beating lady luck is to spend all your winnings trying to get on her good side.


Buying a private jet:

I can understand buying a car maybe even a boat, but unless you know how to fly a plane or willing to pay a person’s salary, why bother?


Buying an island:

What if something goes wrong? You wanna be stuck there like Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball?


Partying every single night:

We all know what happened to Gatsby. Money can’t buy happiness…but it can help.


Buying a small country:

This kinda falls in with the buying an island thing, but on a much bigger scale. You have to set up a government, fund an army; why not just buy a bunch of puppies or something?


Buying exotic animals:

I know lions and tigers look really soft, but kittens are a good substitute. They’re also a bit safer.


Buying more lottery tickets:

“well I won a million bucks doing it before why not try it again for more?” This goes hand in hand with gambling but just a bit dumber.


Dinner with a celebrity:

You may want to have dinner with them, but deep down under all of the money you surrounded them with, I doubt THEY want to be with YOU.


Running for president:

Okay, just because you somehow made a fortune off of random chance does not mean that you would make a great leader by any stretch of the imagination.