America, Land of the Free, Restricting the Freedom of Transgenders

Thousands of transgenders in the military were informed this summer, via Twitter, that they were fired.

Angelique Michonski, Staff Writer

People in America want to serve their country. But what if you are different? What if you can not join? What if you are excluded from the military just for being transgender? Well, that is what is going on here in America.

In July Our president, Donald Trump, tweeted to the public that the government “will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S military”. Our government should be open and welcome to anyone that wants to join the military to serve our country, but instead our President is putting a ban on transgender people from joining the army.

The military and Donald Trump should be focused and ready for wars. But instead we’re focused on what should be a qualifier for troops who serve and protect us. It does not matter if someone is different from someone else, it does not matter if you are white, black, gay, or transgender. Because everyone is the same. They are not different from us.

There’s over a thousand active transgender people serving worldwide and to turn them away because they are different is outrageous. Fourteen states joined in to fight against Donald Trump’s transgender ban on the military. Many people are saying, “it’s irrational and unconstitutional” It’s a step backwards for civil rights that will promote inequality in the armed forces.

“ The ban” transgender Army Captain Jennifer Sims said ‘is going to create this situation where there is a complete inequality in how transgender troops are treated.”

And Mrs.Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness said “that allowing transgender people to serve is not the military’s problem because the armed forces are not just another equal opportunity employer. The military’s limited funds”, she added, “should not be used to indulge transgender demands”

However, many have argued the exact opposite. The military is an equal opportunity just like any federal or government job. Any person has the right to do a job, or join the military, with nothing stopping them.

Transgender people have been able to openly serve in the military since June 2016, when Barack Obama signed an order allowing it. Many people are backing up Donald Trump, stating that it would cost to much. A 2016 study by the RAND corporation, an American nonprofit global policy think tank, estimated it would cost the military $2.4 million to $8.4 million a year to provide gender transition relation coverage.

Researchers estimated 29 to 129 active duty service members annually would seek such treatment. Which accounts for only an increase of 0.04 % to 0.13% in health care spending for active duty members. According to a study by the Palm Center, an independent research institute, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to discharge thousands of transgender personnel.

President Donald Trump taking things too far in a country already enveloped in hate by banning transgender people from serving in the military. Thousands who are serving are waiting to be fired, just for being different.