America Needs Sticker Gun Laws

How Many More Incidents Until we as a Country Chose to Have Tighter Control on Guns and Our Safety?

Freda Fang, Staff Writer

 On the evening of October 1st, a gunman named Paddock from Las Vegas the 32 floor of the The hotel at Mandalay Bay opened fire on people attending an outdoor country music festival, and  made modern American history by creating the deadliest shooting. Police confirmed that 59 people have been killed and 527 injured. So far, we are still not clear about his motives.。

 The Las Vegas shooter was using ten rifles. In South Africa, firearms is strictly controlled, so not everyone can buy legitimate firearms, and if automatic rifles, in addition to the purchase of guns you need to have armed documents, also need to pay gun gun club management specialist. But it’s much easier to get a weapon without a license from an illegal dealer in the US.

  Every time a startling shooting occurred in the United States, gun calls rose, but soon fell flat until the guns rang again, and violence became headline news. After the Las Vegas shooting, most people go out with their most powerful guns. I think many people wanted to control the guns.

After the Las Vegas shootings happened, White House News Director Saunders told reporters, should be discussed on a political issue of gun control, but now is not the time, now is the moment of solidarity.

President Trump said, “when the timing is right, we’ll definitely talk about the firearms act.” I think itt is necessary to control guns. Otherwise people will very worried about their own safety.

  I think this should be of importance. My opinion is the guns must be controlled and this is threatening the security of the masses. Everyone is jittery, and needs to feel reassured.