Habitat Loss Threatens Planet’s Stability

Destroying ecosystems creates extinction and leads to loss of resources we all need


Jillian Wenners, Staff Writer


Habitat and biodiversity loss is a thing happening everywhere all around the world. A ideal situation for these animals would be that they could could all live in their natural habitats, yet extinctions of different animals are happening at 1000 times the normal pace.

We are damaging our ecosystem, not only with animals going extinct but also, destroying our forests and they are the key to producing the air that we breathe everyday. We take these things for granted now but we won’t later.

Habitat loss is the number one cause of species going extinct. The worlds, forests, mountains, rivers, valleys, plains and other habitats that continue to disapear as they are cleared to make way for agriculture, housing, roads and other industrial developments. Habitats will continue to disappear unless we people start making plans.

Swamps and marshes are examples of areas known as wetlands. And these wetlands are areas of soil that are covered in water, and each wetland has their own ecosystem, each one is very unique and different. People actually fill in these wetlands to cover them and make the land more compact for housing. 

I think it’s completely wrong we are hurting our entire ecosystem. 150 species go exctinct everyday! People are destroying there habitats everyday, all the time and not only habitats but also resources things that humans need like trees, water, plants and animals. 

We can help just in our comunity by creating a certified wildlife habitat. There are also many ways to help out just where you live like, use eco-friendly products, feed the birds and animals the right way, making your own garden and connecting with a conservation or taking part in their activities. If we all did this I think it would really help the environment and its future. We should all help to keep our planet healthy and clean.