Media Earning its ‘Fake News’ title

Media is a growing threat to national unity


Matt Walsh, Staff Writer

This years election has been influenced by media arguably more than any other election in the United states. Many news outlets took advantage of their audience and used it to spread false or misleading information to benefit there candidate of choice. This information then spreads like wildfire especially among the younger community, this then changes their mind and makes them lean towards one side. These individuals then send the articles to one another altering their decisions.

News outlets have a responsibility to deliver news to the people, the news they send out should be fact checked and proofed by non- opinionated individuals before being sent out for people to see. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and these opinions should not rearrange the truth. Many news outlets pick and choose which facts they want to publish and do not know how to show both sides to each story. Behind every story there is two sides and a reason/argument on why it happened.

Everyone makes mistakes, this includes news outlets and reporters. There has been reports about situations that have no evidence or somebody was falsely accused of something which later got debunked. After finding out the information was not true these outlets should be required to publish a statement/article that touches on the story and explains what really happened. The people have a right to know the truth and should not have to look to ten different news stations to figure out what the truth is. These outlets and reporters have to take responsibility for there actions instead of spreading false information and never touching back on the story. 

As we are in a generation which relies on getting our news from social media or our friends, it is important we are getting information that is true and not one sided. If somehow it turns out the information was misleading or false, we should be informed of that and then given the full story. Ever voter has a right to make their own decision and those decisions should be based on facts and not misleading information sent out by opinionated news outlets. 

The media on both sides of the political spectrum certainly had there fair share of opinionated reporting. This type of reporting ultimately lead voters of each side to be blinded from the other side with little knowledge of the benefits each candidate would bring. Most people where influenced by the extreme of both sides and listening to these one sided stories had not helped them form there opinions. 

This election the Democratic Party was victorious, this was very controversial for Republican voters, they have yet to accept the election results as there is various recounts in different states. This election left the country divided instead of united due to the fact each side has extreme views due to being fed countless fake news stories blinding them from finding a middle ground. 

These news stations are a growing threat to the unity of the country, causing hatred for one another solely because of their political stance. These networks need to be held accountable or stopped before the situation continues to escalade.