Plymouth Needs More to Offer

Diverse shops and restaurants would benefit tourists and residents alike


Kira Buonopane, Staff Writer

Have you ever noticed that there isn’t a Plymouth Mall?

For such a huge town, I’m sure it would benefit from it. Malls around the town of Plymouth like the Hanover and Kingston Mall aren’t doing so well. The Hanover Mall was recently torn down and the amount of people going to the Kingston Mall is dwindling. But Plymouth seems different: as a Plymouth resident I have been wanting to go to more places all the time to shop.

I chose the waterfront and something I noticed was that all the stores are exactly the same. All of them have t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats that say either “Plymouth,” “Cape Cod,” or “Boston,” and that’s it. I do understand that the  waterfront is a huge tourist attraction and that’s they why those places are there to sell those types of things, but even if I was a tourist I would want something a little more creative and personal to the town rather than just a t-shirt that says the name of the town.

When I go to places like New Hampshire, for example, there are restaurants there that you can’t find anywhere else. There are stores all the way up and down Main Street that sell homemade things that range from jewelry to leather coin purses that you can get engraved! Places like these are the most popular places in areas such as North Conway and a lot of people go to experience these places. I’ve just noticed lately that there aren’t a lot of places in Plymouth, whether on the waterfront or somewhere else within the town, that I ever think ‘Plymouth is the one and only town that I can find this or experience this, and I would never get to have this in my life if I didn’t live here.’

My argument is that I think Plymouth needs more original attractions that are specific/personal to the town that intrigue people and keep them coming back for more, rather than just clothes. Aside from keeping the tourists entertained, the people who actually live in the town should be loving what they see too. Plymouth may be a place with great seafood, but if you aren’t a seafood lover than all you get is a burger or a salad. Don’t get wrong, I really do love the town and I think Plymouth is incredible in so many different ways , but I just think it can offer more to offer than it shows.