What is the Link Between School & Mental Health?


Madison O’Connor, Staff Writer

School can cause a lot of mental health issues.

I feel like school can be a cause of anxiety and depression. Tests can also cause anxiety resulting in failing. Presentations can also cause really bad anxiety for students. This is because getting in front of your class and speaking can be terrifying. Imagine if there was a bully in this class. Or people start laughing at you.  Sometimes It’s hard to get work done when you feel depressed. Depression has a symptom where we feel less motivated to do work. Some teachers are understanding of this but most of them are not.

Mental illness is something that should be taken seriously. How can the school system help with this? I feel like teaching about healthy coping mechanisms in every class can help. We don’t have health class every year. Teaching students better ways to deal with problems can be very beneficial. Mediating everyday in the beginning of class can help too. Meditation is a great way to forget about what is going on and focusing on the now.  Also, teachers should allow students to take breaks. For example, going to guidance, taking a walk, or going out into the hallway can help. When a student is anxious in class it can cause them not to be able to focus. When students feel like teachers and other staff care about them it can make them feel safe.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.  Mental illness can prevent anyone from doing good in school. Being understanding of that can really help a student. Talking to them about why their work isn’t being done can help. Sometimes there is a bigger issue going on. Sometimes things can get to be too much in our head. Talking and working through problems can greatly impact a student.  Showing students that you care can help them find their way… or make them feel better.