School Should Hang Up on Phone Policy

“It’s hard to find someone who isn’t vocal about it…”



Chase Makirs, Staff Writer

The current phone policy situation at PSHS is not what the students were expecting. The phone policy was enforced this year and the students are not agreeing with it. The students are required to put their phone in a calculator pocket so students aren’t tempted to use their phone during class but they aren’t listening. 


Students here at PSHS are very irritated with the new phone policy. As a fellow student, I share this annoyance. Teachers ask students before class starts to stand up and go put their phone in their pocket: No one stands to do so. 


Students haven’t been quiet about this either. In fact, it is hard to find someone who is not vocal about it. Gabe Fisher, a PSHS 9th grader, says, “I just don’t really get the rule. There’s no point in it. All the students don’t want to listen to the teachers and no matter what they say to us, it’s not going to change anything.”


The students are trying to think to themselves what to do with the phone policy. Some students have noticed that people are way too attached to their phones, including 9th grader Cormac Ireland, who says, “People are using them way too much in class and people really need to connect with other people.”


Well the teachers here at PSHS are seeing the amount of phone usage around the school and the teachers are getting annoyed that the students aren’t paying attention in their classes and Mrs.Fry has noted to the teachers that we need to do something about the phone policy.