Parking Stickers Should Get the Boot

From the cost to the actual design, many reasons to get rid of paid parking stickers


Raine LaPierre, Staff Writer

The students of Plymouth South High School should not need to pay for parking stickers. It is $100 for a parking sticker when you aren’t even guaranteed a spot. The school is not adding individual spots for each student that gets a sticker, so why should we pay? The parking lot is from the old high school so there isn’t any money that the school needs to be paying the town for these spots. 

Having the parking sticker on our windshield can also make students uncomfortable out of school because it says PSHS in big letters on the sticker. This could cause altercations with other students out of school like graffiti or keying the other student’s car. It can also be a hazard for abduction because if there is a creepy person lurking around and they see that this person is in high school they could have instinctive thoughts about that student and even show up to the school to corner the student. 

The teachers have assigned parking spots, so why shouldn’t the students? It guarantees everybody a parking spot without any altercations in the lot involving fighting over the last open spot. Most students who drive have a job and we are all trying to save money for our future plans after college and for any necessities in between. Asking for $100 can create backlash on some of us with a struggle to make up that money. If you cannot guarantee getting rid of the parking sticker fee, we should at least lower it for the people who are not expecting a spot behind the cafe.