Books in the Black Box!

Books in the Black Box!

Maria Baker, Editor

Beginning in 2017, Plymouth South’s Black Box Theater became the place for brilliant minds to congregate once a month. This is the meeting place for the school’s book club, a hidden gem of our school community!

Each month, a book, old, new, controversial, or classic, is chosen to be read and discussed by passionate readers, just like you. However, this is not limited to students or English teachers. This club has brought together students from all grades, teachers from all ends of the school, and coaches too!

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon has been announced as the January 2009 Book Club Book

One book, read last year, left all in awe, amazement, and fear. This novel was The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas. Entering the Black Box Theater during that junch period was a whirlwind or rage, excitement and passion by all students and teachers alike. Every novel since has been a page turner that you would never want to put down, and a story you will never forget!

Math teacher, coach, and reader, Mr. Clifford has been involved with book club since its start, reading every novel that we have discussed and always having a new take on the story lines and their true meanings. Mr. Clifford describes book club as:


“A great idea and a great opportunity for students and teachers. It encourages reading, and everything about reading encouragement is great, especially in this generation. I’ve read three books that I never would have picked up otherwise. Your generation’s many students have given me a lot of great insight. The easiest way to open the mind is to open a book; closed books equal closed minds!”


With this kind of review, it is hard not to love what book club has to offer. It finally gives students the opportunity to read what they can enjoy reading and talk about it openly with other passionate and open-minded people. (Sometimes, there is even food!)

Keep your eyes peeled for the next book release and meeting date! We cannot wait to read and talk with you! To end, a few words from Mr. Walker:


“Book Club is wonderful and allows students to talk about issues in society and current events. And, they can find books that they aren’t forced to read. It’s such a good experience for students!”