The Best Solution To Going Back To School During The CoronaVirus Outbreak

Hybrid model seems to be working


Elizabeth Cowden, Staff Writer

Different towns, states, and countries have created their own solutions for going back to school during this world wide pandemic. Going back full time, half time, or full remote, which is the best solution? Many people have different opinions, but what it comes down to in the end is, which is the safest?

Students practice social distancing and work on a mock trial in Ms. Pepin‘s World Lit class

The best solution is going back part time. It keeps kids engaged in school, and out of school. If kids go to school on all remote, grades have been found to drop, according to John Woolfolk in the article “Coronavirus: Failing grade spike with distance learning”. Learning remotely is hard for teachers to engage with the students who are not doing their work, and makes it difficult for them to help get them back on track.

Kasey McPherson models social distancing and mask wearing as she presents in Mr. Walker’s AP Literature class


Mental health plays a big role when it comes to going to school, as well. Having kids go to school at least once or twice a week will help in keeping them socially active. If kids go full remote they will create poor habits, such as: being in bed all day, therefore not getting up and moving around. 

Having a part time model is one of the stronger solutions because kids will not be with each other everyday, leading to less possible close-contact and spreading of cases. Though this solution does have its pros and cons. 

Since students will be going into school and interacting with each other, COVID cases are bound to be present, but not at the same risk level. Secondly, the assignments in school and out of school may confuse students. Working online can lead to confusion on due dates, which may affect students grades if they turn in assignments late. Students will also have to depend on emailing teachers in order to communicate with them, and to solve any problems that are going on. 

These problems can be fixed though. Online assignments can be due on one day, at a certain time, and the teachers may continue that schedule for the whole year to clear confusion. Teachers and students also have to be open minded, and understanding, when there is confusion. Communication is key between students and teachers in order for this school year to be as successful as possible.