With Fans in Attendance Again, Football Team Achieves Success

Excited fans key to a great 8-3 season for Panthers Football…


The Battle of the Rock Trophy is back in possession at PSHS / Prowl Staff Photo

Alec Rodrigues, Staff Writer

The ability for all students to attend football games at Plymouth South has finally returned with the 2021-2022 school year, capped off by an incredible start to the season for the Plymouth South Panthers. Which in totality is a welcome change for many students in the wake of an objectively different and difficult learning environment last year.

Last year, Plymouth South had to drastically alter the way of learning, classwork, grading policy, and even sport event scheduling as the pandemic raged on. One of the things that was virtually impossible to maintain without risking a potential outbreak of COVID-19 was fans attending sporting events, before the COVID-19 vaccine was readily available for all teenagers at or above the age of 15.

As a result of which, fan attendance was heavily restricted  to up to two people in attendance per player. Because of this, many students have never received the opportunity to support their beloved high school team until just recently, including sophomore biomed student Lauren Jones who has attended multiple football games this season.

“It’s a really fun event and a good time, and it’s good to feel normal again,”  Jones said. Jones, among many in the sophomore class, are not only experiencing the fun of attending the games, but also feeling a sense of healthy pride in the school and feeling of community.

“It’s a very great way to come together as a community and socialize  outside of school without the need of masks or social distancing due to being outside. It’s also a great way to represent the school by being in attendance.” Jones said.

While many students are enjoying the return of large social gatherings, the product on the field is very impressive. Plymouth South Football stands at an exciting and competitive start of the season, and Plymouth South got off to a 4-1 start.

Powered by an offense that is more than capable of winning a shootout, and a stout defense that can hold the opposition to minimum success, students had a lot to be excited for as the season progressed.

The team also celebrated a triumph with a 34-32 victory over North on Thanksgiving Day.

The Panthers have shown grit and resilience, throughout the season, including the well fought triumph over  Hanover in a final score of 42-35 on October first.  The highlight of the season (besides the victory over North) occurred in the playoffs. Plymouth South fell in the state semfinals and gathered an 8-3 record.