Teachers Less Accountable in New Parking Rules

Teachers should get to school early or lose their parking spots (to students)


Nicholas Seaman, Staff Writer


With the implementation of new assigned parking for faculty members of Plymouth South High School, many senior students have voiced their concerns and complaints regarding this newfound system. 

Under this system, teachers are assigned a parking spot number in which they park every day, leaving students the few spots that remain. The plain issue with this new system for seniors of Plymouth South High School is a lack of parking spots, leading to the necessity for an earlier arrival time on campus. However, many students have noticed a fallacy in this system, noting the lack of accountability that teachers now have under this renovated parking structure. 

As faculty members working at Plymouth South High School, a sense of responsibility is required, more so than students, prompting an average earlier arrival time to the school. In the bygone senior parking system, teachers that arrived early to school were rewarded with a parking spot close to the school, with the same trend applying for students. However, with the present parking situation, teachers are removed from the accountability that should be required of them. Instead, the stress of arriving at school prematurely is placed in the arms of the students. The new teacher assigned spots are an unnecessary regulation, as teachers should be expected to arrive at school at an earlier time than students, allowing them to achieve a beneficial parking spot, and if students choose to arrive at school early they should meet the same beneficial parking spots. In the same vein, if teachers fail to arrive early to campus, they should be held liable through being forced to an unfavorable parking spot, similarly to students. 

One may argue that a teacher’s responsibility only applies to the required school arrival, being 7:05. However this produces a paradox when applying this same obligation to students. Students at Plymouth South are required to be within their first period classroom at 7:20. However, how many senior students do you see parking at the senior parking lot at 7:15? 7:10? 7:05? The answer is none. With this in mind, the question is presented to the decision makers of Plymouth South- why hold students to a higher expectation than what is held for the adults responsible for providing them an education?

In order to fix this issue, I propose a very simplistic order of operations: to remove teacher assigned parking spots. If this action is out of the question for the administration of Plymouth South High School, another simple solution would be to create more parking spots. This will therefore provide assigned parking spots to both faculty and senior students. There is a plethora of open land surrounding our school that would be ideal for parking lots, and Plymouth South High School would be able to forge a fair parking environment for all drivers alike.