Plymouth South Panthers Lead District in Go Gold Fundraiser: Student Voices Heard!

Thousands raised to help fight pediatric cancers


Bella DiBiasio, Staff Writer

Plymouth Public Schools goes gold to raise money for pediatric illnesses to give back to a good cause from September 19th to September 23rd. With school spirit in the classroom and at the stadium, $2,600 has been raised. 


Plymouth Public schools have run this donation event for many years. Students, teachers, and parents collect money in gold boots to raise money. Student Shae Braz (grade 9) of Plymouth South helped the school out by donating a few extra dollars. 


Plymouth South High School has gone to great lengths to promote donations to childhood illnesses. Many students have remarked that every morning and afternoon, announcements are made over the loudspeaker. Additionally, teachers and administrators go table to table at lunches to collect money for the cause. 


Many students find it important to give back to kids just like them. One senior, Raine LaPierre, remarked “I think it’s important because you never know who in your community may have cancer.” 


To really push forward our school participation, the district held a “Go Gold” day to encourage students to dress in gold to support pediatric illness. Shae Braz participated saying”I went very gold!”