Panthers Top the Eagles

“Let’s die on the field,” said  Coach Mark Loranger

That is exactly what the Panthers did at the annual Thanksgiving Day Game with a 14-12 victory over the North Eagles.

The game started with both teams very equally matched. It was a 0-0 tie for a majority og the 1st half, until Plymouth North’s Matt Walsh scored the games first touch down. The extra point was missed, so the score stood at 6-0 Plymouth North. Plymouth South quickly responded, by driving down the field and finishing with Stefan Gustafson getting a touchdown. Cody Arrowsmith converted the extra point. So the game went into halftime; leaving the score at 7-6 Plymouth South.

The second half was scoreless until North intercepted Cody Arrowsmiths pass and got the ball in the 30 yard line. North drove down, they had the first and goal at the 7 yard line; about to tale the lead. Things didn’t go as planned for Eagles, as South had a 4 down goal line stand, lead by John Turner making a tackle at the 1 yard line preventing Matt Walsh from their touchdown.

From there the Panthers had 99 yards to go, so they can take the lead. Easy enough they did it in 2 plays. The first play Gustafson was stopped at the line. Who knew the next play would result in his running past everyone on the North defense and going as far as 99 yards for the touchdown. Again, Arrowsmith made the point after touchdown (PAT) , as South took a 14-6 lead.

North didn’t quit though as they drove down the field and scored on a Cody Merrit run. The Eagles attempted to go for the handoff, and then threw across the field to Cody, Merrit, but it was intercepted by Ryan McGlaugrin. Plymouth South got the ball back with in 4 minutes left, and was forced to punt.

The ball went off the side of Carroll’s foot and hit off the shoulder of a North player, the fumble was then recovered by Gustafson. South ran the clock down to 50 seconds, and punted the ball back to North. Cody Merrit was forced to throw Hail Mary passes downfield, and the last one he threw was caught by Gustafson, which sealed the victory for South. John Carroll took a knee as the clock ran out. Plymouth South clinched the 14-12 victory over Plymouth North. Stefan Gustafson finished with both of South’s touchdowns and 250+ yards rushing.

Overall the game was well played by both teams. The fans that showed with the spirit had no clue what the outcome of the game would be. In the end Panthers take the victory with The “Rock” Trophy. Good Job Boys!