Should the Seahawks Trade Sherman? Absolutely Not

Though some feel rewards are waiting for the Seahawks if they Trade Sherman, the Risks are far to Extreme

Jonathan Coombes, Staff Writer

The Seahawks have been looking to trade star corner Richard Sherman, who for a long time has been considered one of the best in the NFL at his position. The Seahawks have always allowed their players to freely express their opinions, such has been a trend with players such as Marshawn Lynch, who consistently refused to conduct interviews.

Sherman’s case however seems to be an aberration, his locker room and on field antics seemed to have rubbed his peers, as well as coaching staff the wrong way. This has led to the question, should the stud corner be traded to another NFL team? The Seahawks seem to think yes, but only for the right price that is.

However the Seahawks are making a huge mistake in being so quick with their decision making. Richard Sherman has contributed his fair share of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, costing his team great field position, and in certain instances points. But Richard Sherman’s tremendous impact to his team cannot be overstated. The ability for an NFL team to lock down a number 1 receiver can make the difference between winning and losing the game, and Sherman is no stranger to doing this.

In a week 12 matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sherman was given the task of covering all-pro receiver Antonio Brown. This is a task a normal corner wouldn’t have the skill, or experience to have a chance at completing; such is evident with Antonio Brown finishing with a league leading 1,834 yards.

However, Richard Sherman is no normal corner, He limited the seemingly best WR in the NFL to a meager 6 catches for 51 yards, while keeping him out of the endzone, and finishing the game with an interception. Again, there are a plethora of examples where Richard Sherman takes care of business, and locks down the number 1 receiver.

Coaching decisions make or break franchises in the NFL, and for a long time, the Seahawks have been the epitome of good business at the front office. It makes no sense for them to ruin what they have. Richard Sherman has remained a key piece in the daunting Seattle secondary that has garnered respect from opposing offenses, to remove him would be to tarnish this reputation.

The Seattle offense does not have the pieces to carry the load should a defensive drought occur, and the super bowl contenders would be foolish to put a season on the line, separating a once in a generation defense because of a few locker room issues.

Many star players make headlines on and of the field, such as Antonio Brown throwing water, or Odell throwing a kicking net. There is a reason why star players get more frustrated than the average NFL starter, these individuals have a passion for the game, and put everything on the line when they go out to play.

These are players that have to watch as their work to improve the team gets tarnished by lack of effort, and bad coaching. Passion should always have its limits, however its not always a bad thing knowing your star player cares about the game. Coaches should prefer these players over their opposite. The Seahawks should not seek a trade with Sherman, the risk far outweighs the rewards.