COVID-19 Impacts Fall Sports

Seniors especially are worried about how Covid impacting their final season


Sophia Ottino, Staff Writer


Covid-19 is affecting our high school experience. Ever since covid-19 happened we haven’t been able to do any normal activities that seniors in high school are supposed to do. For example, we never went to prom, we never got Oktoberfest, and we most likely will not have a normal graduation. Not to mention the online learning is literally torture.

Besides the fact that Covid is ruining our senior year; it’s also ruining the chance to play our favorite sports one last time before college.

“All we want to do is play” said Abby Fitzpatrick, Plymouth South’s girls soccer captain.

As you may know COVID-19 is taking on a toll in people’s lives; emotionally and physically. The WHO (World Health Organization) is trying to stop the spread of COVID-19.  They have advised everyone to wear masks wherever they go, as well as staying 6 feet apart from others to prevent the spread. For many students this means certain requirements for sports.

“We have to wear masks the whole time we play, we aren’t allowed throw ins and heading the ball.” Said Abby Fitzpatrick. She added, “We are also only allowed 2 people to watch us play… I always bring my mom and my dad. It’s just sad that my friends can’t see me play one last time before college.”

For many different students, this is very hard for them, especially for seniors at the school. Some students have been working hard the last 4 years in their sports to gain scholarships to a widespread number of colleges that offer sports scholarships.

COVID-19 started to gain attention in March of 2020, when all schools and other social events were canceled. Seniors last year did not get to play their spring sports causing students f\to worry about their status with colleges. 

Although no one is happy about their sports being either altered or taken away, it can be very necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19. High contact sports such as football is supposed to start in just a few months. The students and parents hope to be back to their full and hefty schedule with sports very soon.