Another Sports Benefit? Meaningful Friendships

Joining team sports often helps create valuable friendships that last years

Another Sports Benefit? Meaningful Friendships

Shealyn Braz, Staff Writer

Students can be greatly benefited by joining school sports with a promise of strong chemistry and a successful team. This is similar to friendship, which can be easily achieved through the sports program here at Plymouth South High School. 

The school offers many opportunities for freshmen, along with any other class, to join school sports.

The AllinaHealth Organization says that “In today’s technology driven culture, it can be difficult for you to get your child to interact with others face-to-face.¨ 

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Playing team sports gives you the ability to talk to people in person, and be present in the moment.  Teenagers carry this social skill all the way to adulthood. 

MUHealth speaks on the positive impacts of sports on academics. Sport skills can be applied to school work, and help students to succeed. Sports help with memory and learning. Having to maintain high grades to play also drives student athletes to put in their best efforts. 

Students that do not play sports often say they have a smaller social life, and like to stay more reserved. 

The “Importance of Youth Sports Statistics ¨ lists that 96% percent of  high school dropouts were not in an athletic program.

These students may drop out due to low grades or disliking school because of a lack of friends and relationships.

The Battle of the Rock Trophy is back in possession at PSHS / Prowl Staff Photo

I myself am a student athlete. It gives me a reason to come to school, and give my best performance academically. Playing school sports has helped me to settle into highschool, and get to know my peers. I feel much more equipped for the rest of my high school career, as I joined a sport early on. 

Plymouth South High School gives students a chance to have a successful and memorable high school experience through the athletic program. You are able to make long lasting friendships, and maintain academic classes. Sports programs are a helpful, fun, and healthy thing to do that allows teenagers to get involved.