Senior Mentor? Try These Activities in Your Advisory!

Lizzie Gallagher

So, you’re a Senior Mentor? (Or even a student in a student in an advisory who is looking to suggest a change in pace or a new activity to try next time your advisory meets?)  Here are 5 Things to do With Your Freshman!

  1. The Banana Game:

Split the class into 2 groups. Have them line up on the floor feet- to- shoulders. The first person in each line will put a banana between their feet and using only their feet will pass it to the next person in line. Each person will pass it to the next in line with their feet, while trying to see which of the two groups can pass the banana to the back of the line first.

2.  Honey I Love You:

The group forms and sits in a circle. Ask for a volunteer to start the game. That player approaches one person and says, “Honey, I love you.” That person must respond by saying, “Honey, I love you, but I just can’t smile.” If that person smiles while speaking these words, he/she becomes “it.” If the person does not smile, the player who started out must approach a new person until he/she makes someone smile. “It” is not allowed to touch a player as he/she speaks, but anything else is fair play.

3. Ladder Game:

Have all the students group up into twos, then have all the groups lay down foot- to- foot in a line. Have each group count of so each row of students has a number. One person will be It and when they call out a number, the two students who counted off as that number will get up, run to the end of the human ladder, and run up it stepping over each student as fast as they can to see with one will get back to their seat first.

4. Missing Chair Game:

This one is hard. Set up chairs so that all the backs are facing outward from the center of the group. Split all the students into groups of four. Everyone should be sitting so that they can put their backs on each other’s laps. Have the students lean back on the others’ laps, and someone else has to pull out all the chairs the group was sitting on. The goal of the game is to see how long the group can support each other before falling.

5. Blind Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in the hall or the classroom. Put the freshman in pairs with one out of each pair blindfolded. The helper can lead their blindfolded partner through the obstacle course using only their voice.