South Goes to Spain!

Erin Foley

Nine lucky Plymouth South students, sophomores and juniors with 2-4 years of experience in the language of Spanish are traveling to Madrid, Spain in spring this year! The students will be attending Spanish classes at schools in Madrid in the morning hours to learn about the foods they eat and the measurements they use there! After these classes, the students will be going alone to Spanish market places and are given a recipe to get ingredients for! They will buy the ingredients and make the dish themselves as well!

Toledo was actually the first capital of Spain, there are castles and cathedrals there. There is also a museum that shows Goya and other spanish artists, along with their artwork. Next, the students at Plymouth South get to meet students from Spain. They are invited into their homes and will cook spanish meals, along with learning about the lifestyles that are in Spain!

Finally, the students are attending a Flamenco show. Flamenco is a type of Spanish dance that is spirited and rhythmical, the music is mostly played on guitars and accompanied with singing and castanets. The students will be taught how to dance the fiery style of Flamenco in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain!