Max Coppola, Staff Writer

Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone on how something is pronounced? Well, you’re not alone, this article will be explaining on why you are rightly (or wrongly) pronouncing the word.

Some words such as tomato, coupon, espresso, are words most people affiliate with the situation. The word “coupon” seems to be a common one out of those three. There are two pronunciations that I hear commonly. There are “Q-pawn” and “koo-pon” and one of these is correct. The correct pronunciation is “koo-pon” according to, as there is no “Q” sound in the word. If you were pronouncing it that way, then you are incorrect.

Image result for coupon (the word)Does “coupon have a Q” Nope!

The next word that is commonly spelled incorrectly, tomato, not one you commonly find misspelled. The correct version of the word is “tuh-mey-toe” while it is commonly mispronounced as “tuh-maw-toh.” Usually you hear this mispronunciation in the sentence; tomato, tomato it’s the same thing. As the first tomato is pronounced correctly and the other isn’t.

With the word espresso, it’s a different story. Some people pronounce it as if it had an “X” in the word. Instead of pronouncing it with the first “S” they pronounce it as “express-oh.” My opinion on this is the people who pronounce it this way clearly do not know how the word is spelled. The word clearly does not have an X, it has an S, and is spelled “es-press-oh.”  

Have an argument with your friends about how to pronounce something? Ask me and I’ll tell you the correct way in my next column!