Ms. Shaver’s Human Behaviors Class working to make Plymouth more “Inclusive” place

Class brainstorming ways to make South High & the town itself more welcoming for those with sensory disorders


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Ashley Boutilier, Staff Writer

For the past few weeks in Ms. Shaver’s human behaviors class, students have been learning about sensory disorders and how some people may be limited to opportunities because of this.

Students have taken a close look at an organization called
KultureCity.  KultureCity provides resources to businesses and places all around the U.S so they can learn how to make a better environment for people who may get stressed in certain situations.   KultureCity also works on training people on how to help someone who is having a hard time.

The primary focus is to help people with Autism, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, and everyone else who may have trouble.

Recently the students had come up with ideas on how to make the town of Plymouth more inclusive so these people can enjoy these opportunities.

One group of students had focused on Plymouth South High School.  They proposed the idea of adding quiet spaces, sensory bags and other resources to help the students in the building.

Another group of students presented the idea of improving downtown Plymouth.  Their ideas consisted of having sensory bags and quiet spaces all around the downtown Plymouth area.  They also wanted to improve the parking situation downtown so people who aren’t comfortable with parking in tight crowded spaces, can park in a more accommodating area.

Both groups made detailed slide show presentations to explain their ideas.  This week these students plan to present these ideas to administration and people from the town.

The goal is to create even a small change from these presentations.

“I think the idea of presenting this to representatives of our town is a good idea.  It shows that the students themselves want to make a difference in their community,” said senior Abby Connell.

Plymouth South wishes these students luck and hope that change will soon come to make the great town of Plymouth even better.