Failure isn’t our fault

Emilia Coates, Staff Writer

Time and time again, we’ve watched the standard school curriculum fail to prepare students for the real world and for their future. It doesn’t give students what they need to survive in our modern world. It’s clearly based on old values and what schools are teaching isn’t giving students what they need, so what do we need to do so students have the education and opportunities they need? It’s simple, give students more space for electives. Let students figure out what they want to do and achieve in their life. 

We waste our time in school learning topics that we’ll all forget by the time we’re actually working and trying to keep a roof over our heads. While, yes, at Plymouth South High School, we have a lot more options due to the Tech program, what about the kids who don’t get into it? What about BioMed? Many students who apply don’t get in. What do they do? School doesn’t give enough resources to the students who need them. 

All school has become is classes to prepare you for MCAS or your final exams. It doesn’t give kids enough time to explore, and we don’t get prepared for success in the basic school curriculum. Students should be able to get a half decent job anywhere after high school. They should make enough money to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table, but most people are ending up staying with their parents. This shouldn’t be happening. 

So what can we do? We get loud. We go to the people in administration. We deserve to get our chance. Everyone deserves a good education.