Appreciate the Arts More

The arts inspire and can be a source of comfort–but not enough students recognize it here


Sophia D'Eramo, Editor-In-Chief


Everyone has their interests. Some people enjoy reading, others love to run for miles and some partake in just about everything. Over the years, it feels as though the world has healed in terms of people having their cutesy hobbies that in any other alternate timeline may be deemed bizarre. Nearly a year of isolation and a hybrid/online world will do such things to you. With that being said, I personally have noticed a lot more people that either attempted to learn an instrument or still have a basis in it today. This has brought some peace to my mind, as a musician who is very passionate about music. That is besides the point because there are still people that don’t fully take the arts seriously. 

Student-created art is inspiring. Photo by Sophia D’Eramo

I believe that this is due to the lack of understanding and experience. Every artist can recall the very moment that they fell in love with their passion. This is a very vast range of options such as writing, painting, theater, dance, singing, etc. The window of performing and visual arts is so large, it is hard to believe that it isn’t always represented equally. There is just as much hard work that goes in and an equally rewarding outcome that is gained. Theater spends late nights for two weeks leading up to their show, sometimes not getting home until 9:00 or 10:00pm at the earliest. Personally, I have been involved in some form of the arts since I can remember, and I’ve also bounced around sports. With that being said, the same adrenaline rush is equally as satisfying. So, why is one put onto a pedestal but the other is simply put on a back burner until convenient? 

Ultimately, the arts should be implemented in some way into everyone’s lives because it is the most liberating thing to be a part of. Everyone should at least try something new within the arts at some point, whether that be directly participating or simply attending performances. There are many misconceptions about being in a music program or an art class. It is the same as any other new sport or activity- you aren’t going to be a prodigy right from the start. Talent only gets so far before skill building is absolutely necessary. People learn at different paces, are more inclined to different aspects of a spectrum and have various mindsets that can determine what ‘fits’ for them. For most, music and art has become the biggest form of therapy for them and continues to challenge their brains. The mind and the body are connected in so many ways and something like a new instrument proves just that. The University of Rochester’s Medical Center has said that with practices such as art therapy, they have “documented major benefits among people who have done art therapy, such as improved mood, fewer depression symptoms, and better overall quality of life”, (URMC). The mental benefits are overwhelmingly positive, as the endless amounts of self-expression and routes someone can take with their art boosts so many personal gains. This includes overall confidence, developing cognitive skills, and improving anxiety. Additionally, this medical center has said that music therapy has been an immense help towards helping patients with symptoms caused by their chemotherapy by drawing the attention to the music at hand instead of their pain. When one is at peace of mind, their body immediately reflects that. 

Various therapies, such as art, dance and music have become more of an upcoming topic over the years. These things have resonated with me greatly and I see it everywhere in my daily life (get ready for a personal anecdote because what is an article without at least two). Music therapy is something that touches everyone. My cousin has a nonverbal son, and hasn’t heard many words throughout his five years of life. However, he loves singing and will never turn down the chance to sing out his favorite songs. Those moments are only the beginning to the power behind the arts. 

The lifelong connections from these communities is another thing that always amazes. The endless amount of creations that can be produced with the even more endless amount of minds that can join together to contribute to something that can be larger than life is a fantastic thing to think about. Things like rehearsals, shows and other get-togethers form bonds that share the same unique sequences of experiences. The blood, sweat and tears that get put in for months and months to share a beautiful outcome to the community is a wonderful thing to share with other people. They all share the same emotions and experiences and will always be able to relate to that. It is not wrong to agree that music is a universal language and art springs out all sorts of reactions and emotions. We are all human and can always be connected to all of the works that are out there. There are so many and always room for more. 

The arts have always been a source of comfort. They have remained a constant within my own and many others. The freedom to express yourself is the most important thing to have. The arts let you do that without any feelings of judgment or shame. The friendships formed are lifelong and immensely fulfilling. People seem to enjoy the immediate satisfaction with sports. All of the action is always happening at one time. However, with all of the infinite possibilities, feelings and perspectives of art and music, it is a shame how frequently that gets tossed aside whilst every member on every sports team gets some level of appreciation and acknowledgement. Creativity is crucial to brain development, mental health and social lives. Without music or art, the world simply would not spin. Imagine a world that didn’t have that one special song come on the radio. No soundtracks to your favorite movies. The arts make the world turn around and voices to those who may not be able to directly say it out loud. The arts are a strong force and society’s largest asset.