The Boston Bruins Don’t Get the Attention They Deserve

Yes, it’s a New England Patriot city but Bruins important to Boston sports scene, too…


Abby Connell, Staff Writer

Here in New England, sports are an important part of our lives. Local news stations always have a section dedicated to our beloved sports teams, but there’s one team that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the others. Boston’s NHL team the Boston Bruins. 


Every time I watch SportsCenter 5 on WCVB news I wait, expecting the newscasters to at least mention the Bruins. And they never do. They didn’t mention when development camp or training camp started, they didn’t mention preseason games, and they didn’t mention the Bruins’ Opening Night game at the TD Garden against the Dallas Stars on October 16. The Patriots, though? Every little development from within the New England Patriots organization was heavily scrutinized. 


In a city where high performance is greatly valued, the 2-4 Patriots got more attention than a hockey team that is guaranteed to make the playoffs every year. Charlie McAvoy’s 8 year $76 million extension was glossed over when he is a top 10 league defenseman and will, most likely, one day be the captain of the Bruins. 


It’s not like the Bruins aren’t an exciting team to watch. With 2020 Rocket Richard trophy winner David Pastrnak on the ice, exciting things are bound to happen.