Meet Mr. Evans

Plymouth South’s new assistant principal shares his first impressions of PSHS


Josh Carmichael, Staff Writer

What stood out about Plymouth South High School, if anything?

“I attended school and grew up in Plymouth. My 9th grade year was the first year the school was opened. I still live close by, and I was interested in something different. It was right in terms of size, it was a comprehensible high school, and I was familiar with the location.”

Was there any staff that you recognized upon returning?

“Mrs. Salmans was a student at Carver, Mr. Stanton was a teacher, and Ms. Ivan was a student in the year behind me.”

What are some complications that you have noticed in your first couple of months here?

“Vaping has been our main issue, and how we can address it as a whole, as well as supervise it. Our goal is for this problem to progressively decrease. It has become so bad that I not only have to be standing near the bathroom to monitor students, but in the bathroom. Another thing I have had to familiarize myself with is the foundation of how things work in the school. There are many protocols and logistics I have had to learn, and areas where there can be improvement. For example, in the lunchroom, is there a protocol for students leaving?”

How do you plan on making this school a better environment?

“Because of how new I am, I go through time, assimilate, understand, and then formulate my own plan. It’s important to recognize that every person comes with their own attributes. I am doing a lot of learning, and gathering throughout this year.”

What is the importance of your position at our school?

“I believe that the Freshman Academy is very unique in the sense that it is a small group within the school that can set their agenda, and create goals surrounding their group of kids. There are three teams with one specific initiative. As an administrator, you are the tone setters for buildings. Everything you do matters, and you have to be your best self at all times.”

Does this produce stress for you?

“There is a little stress to it, however, I think it is important.”

Describe your background as an educator/administrator.

“In Carver, I taught English for 8 years. I then switched to math, and did this for two years. I coached girls soccer, and was the director of the drama program. I got my Masters degree, which I did not intend for this to happen, but once I followed through with it, I enjoyed it. Then, I got a job at the Dighton-Rehoboth for one year. I returned to Carver because of the familiarity I had with the school and staff where I was an assistant principal for 8 years. I then taught math for another 5 years, and after that, got ready to go back to an administration position.”

What impact do you want to have on students?

“I would like to contribute to as many students as possible being self-actualized, meaning that they find a path in life to who they want to be, and do what they want to do. People will be happier if they are self-actualized, and being the best versions of themselves as they can be. The more people who can do this, the more the world will become a better place.”

What are some of your favorite films?

“I am what you would consider a ‘cinephile’, someone who enjoys movies”

“Favorite movies: ‘The Dark Knight’, any comic book movies, ‘Her’, ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, movies that explore relationships, and the ‘Matrix’”.

What are songs that you are listening to right now?

“Mainly just the radio, WERS, 92.5”

What are some of your favorite musical artists?

  • Radiohead
  • Buffalo Tom
  • REM
  • The Strokes
  • Spoon
  • The Indigo Girls

What is one surprising thing that no one would ever know about you?

“In fourth grade, I was in a school presidential debate. I was Geraldine Ferraro, and wrote my own speeches.”

Thoughts on Weezer?

“I don’t hate it, I believe it is meant to be fun, and that you shouldn’t take them too seriously. I enjoy it.”