Chess Club: Come CHECK it Out!

Mr. Stanton’s room is the scene of epic wars– involving chess– after school


Jay Daponte & Lea Maynard, Staff Writers



If you’re on the search for some more clubs that challenge you, perhaps chess could be a new skill to take on. Chess club is an extracurricular activity which takes place after school on Thursdays with Mr. Stanton (Room 244). The pastime of the club is in the name- students can play chess and learn all of the rules and history.

 Mr. Stanton notes the benefits, saying, “It makes you think with good strategies.” Chess involves a lot of thinking- you have to think about your next moves before you even make the first one. Chess has been around for quite a while and people find that chess trains your brain. Chess requires you to think harder than you normally would, thinking outside the box that consists of the board. 

The real question that prevails with students during club searches- How is Chess Club different from other clubs? Other clubs are seen as having a predominantly social focus, while Chess Club provides an opportunity to expand your brain power which further helps school performance. It trains you to think harder for your work.

 With this, however, it is still a lot of fun to hang out with friends and goof off. One student in the club, Hunter says, “You can learn strategy and learn better plays you can make. Your plays won’t always work but you can learn with all different people your age or around your age” 

You don’t have to apply to join, you just show up and hang out with your friends while playing chess. There’s doughnuts and you can play cards with the exception of no gambling. No big stories in this club, as Mr. Stanton would say!