A Devilishly Dynamic Series: Lucifer Season 4 Rises From The Ashes


Aurora Wentzell, Staff Writer

If you don’t know about the show Lucifer, you have missed out on a big series! It follows Lucifer Morningstar, also known as the Devil, thinking he needs a break from Hell and all the torturing that goes on down there. So, he heads up to  Los Angeles and creates a popular nightclub called Lux. After many years, he teams up as a consultant with the Los Angeles Police Department detective, Chloe, proving to be useful to the department as he lures out criminals with his ability to make anyone say what they truly desire.

However, on May 11, 2018, Fox canceled the show after its 3rd season. Despite this, the fan base has been persistent and #SaveLucifer has grown throughout social media. After a month of being canceled, Fox revived the series, bring us Season 4 with a release date of May 8, 2019. 


When that date came up, there was no doubt that all fans acted with excitement and binge-watched the entire season, leaving every viewer in awe! If you cannot remember, Season 3 ended with Lucifer killing Cain, which makes his devil face return, allowing Detective Chloe to see his true face. With that cliffhanger at hand, a question arose among the fanbase: Will she reject Lucifer?

With the new move from Fox to Netflix, many fans worried Lucifer simply would not be the same. However, nothing has changed, aside from the two new faces this season, Father Kinley and Eve. Season 4 begins with Lucifer in Lux playing a song on the piano, and we learn that Season 4 starts a month after Chloe sees Lucifer’s Devil face. Rumor has it, no one has seen the Detective since then. We later learn that she was in Europe, learning more about the Devil; that is where father Kinley comes in. Chloe is terrified and, despite our suspicions, it is not the first time someone had seen Lucifer’s true face. Also, Father Kinley is now trying to get Chloe to banish Lucifer down to Hell permanently, claiming the prophecy that states,“when the devil walks the earth and finds his first love, Hell will break loose”. When Chloe comes back to Los Angeles, she sees Lucifer with someone new. Eve, Lucifer’s first love, who is trying to reignite their flame.

Once Lucifer finds out what Chloe has been trying to do, it creates a large hole between them; this is nothing new for the egotistical Lucifer and his friends, but it left me in a bit of a shock. Nothing came about as a result of this, leaving it rather anticlimactic.


Within all of this, we find out that therapist, Dr. Linda, is pregnant and Amenadiel is the father of the child. Earlier in season 3, we find that the two have feelings for each other, but they had to convey their love in secret with the looming threat of an ex-partner. With a newborn child, predicted to have wings, on the way, Maze puts her differences aside and is excited to be an aunt; this displays a new, kind side, of her character, much different than the one that previously was known for murder. 

Along with the new cases in every episode, it is refreshing to see a new a new side of the parent to be, Linda. After a case in Episode 4, we see the duo, Detective Chloe and Consultant Lucifer working together again in Episode 5, differences put aside and Father Kinley in jail. In Episode 8, Super Bad Boyfriend, Lucifer end the relationship with Eve; needless to say, she does not take this news well.

In episode 9, Lucifer and Chloe are on a case and we see Eve trying to get Lucifer back with Maze’s help. Although Maze is trying to get a message across to Eve that she likes her; this is strange due to the fact that when Eve first appeared, the two hated each other. With this going on, Eve finally decides to break Father Kinley out of a jail transfer and tries to make Lucifer feel better about the prophecy not being true, attempting to get him back. Maze gets the notification that the baby is on the way and  runs out; this is a poor mistake, leaving naive Eve with Father Kinley who she kills, making him send a message to the demons in Hell. In this episode, we see Lucifer and Chloe closer than they have ever been throughout the series, as well as more insight to Heaven and Hell that is seldom displayed.  

In the last episode, Demons are on Earth with an objective; bring Lucifer back down to Hell.  The baby is born with the name Charlie, but since the child is half-human, half-angel, Amenadiel wants to take Charlie to Heaven instead of being raised on Earth. The demons that demand Lucifer’s return, steal the baby from Amenadiel and use this as a way to get a new ruler of Hell. With all the group knowing about this, Lucifer, Eve, Amendiel and Maze go to face the demons and bring the baby back without harm. Throughout refreshing teamwork, Lucifer sees a new problem; the persistence of the demons who seek to capture him forever in Hell.

In the final scenes, Chloe professes her love to Lucifer, finally, and Lucifer figures out that the prophecy that Father Kinley speaks of, is not about Eve being his first love but rather, Chloe. This leads him to decide he needs to go back down to Hell. We are left with a cliffhanger of Lucifer sitting on his throne in hell. We must now wait to see what this dynamic assemblage will face in Season 5, premiering in Spring 2020.