Historic House in Middleboro Offers Spooky Entertainment for Brave Guests

Next Halloween, ditch the “fake” corporate haunted houses and head to something with a genuinely haunted history


Abby Connell

Abby Connell, Staff Writer

In a world of cheesy Halloween attractions it’s difficult to find genuine frights, unless you take a trip to Middleboro, Massachusetts.

The Oliver House, having been around since 1769 and just 40 miles south of Boston, is home to many specters. Ghosts of previous owners and their families are the most common entities found. The permanent residents of the house have even revealed history unknown to text books, including a murder that was written down as an accident. 

“After sundown, the spirits of the Oliver family make themselves known to the guests as professional paranormal investigators take you through the house to try and make contact with the spirits.” said Aisling Mahoney, a guest on the October 2nd Public Ghost Tour. 

Once the sun goes down, history comes back from the dead and guests can experience it first hand. Public Ghost Tours are the perfect entry into the paranormal world for first timers or even serve as a relaxed hunt for experienced investigators. The Oliver House and its inhabitants have been featured on a handful of TV shows dedicated to investigating the paranormal, including Paranormal Lockdown and Kindred Spirits

However, if you’re not looking for frightening entertainment, the Oliver House offers historical tours. The knowledgeable staff tells the stories of the house with enthusiasm and respect for the families that called it home for centuries. 

“The staff who take care of the house really take the time to educate their visitors and go out of their way to make the guests feel welcome to tour the home and the grounds.” said Mahoney. 

Public Ghost Tours offer more than the baseline tours, however. On the Ghost Tour investigators who have worked at the house for years take a group of up to twelve into the basement, an area normally off limits. 

For those looking for more than a 2.5-3 hour ghost hunt, the Oliver House also offers ProNight, a 6 hour investigation that ends at midnight. 

“Ten out of ten would recommend to anyone interested in something spooky or local [entertainment].” said Mahoney. 

The Oliver house can be found on Plymouth Street in Middleboro, Massachusetts just off Route 44.