Swinging into the Future

J&M Baseball creates new opportunities for Plymouth area baseball players


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Brycen Tetler, Staff Writer

J&M Baseball Academy owners Matt Walsh, and Joey Flynn plan on opening a new baseball facility in Plymouth, MA.. The plan for the new facility is to strengthen youth baseball players skills, and to grow their character.

J&M is a travel baseball team that started up in the fall of 2020. Through many challenges during year one Walsh and Flynn were able to have a successful fall season. “We had a good group of guys that put the program on the map, and brought a lot of people to the program.” said Walsh, one of the owners of J&M. This boost in the program was a big reason for the successful following Spring of 2021.

It has been a long road to finding a new spot to put the facility, but the duo finally found their home off of Long Pond Rd. across the street from PCIS. “I think we’re just most excited about getting the facility open, it’s a vision we’ve had for a while and now it is finally coming together,” said Joey Flynn, the other owner of J&M. 

Everything inside the facility was built by the people of J&M, and those close to them. The facility will include 2 batting cages, a pair of bullpens, a plyo ball wall, a weight room area, and an office. The finishing touches on the facility are being put together as we speak, and should be opening some time this month.

The hard work put in by Walsh and Flynn has  not gone unnoticed, and has been the driving factor to why the facility has been built. They are there day, and night working on getting the job done while also running fall baseball for 4 teams.

With the help of the other coaches involved in J&M the program has run yet another successful season with all of the teams wrapping up their seasons this weekend down in Connecticut for the Columbus Day Bash presented by FireCracker Sports. This includes the 13/14u team, both 15/16u gold and black teams, and the 17/18u team. This tournament will wrap up the fall season, and hopefully one of the teams brings home a title to add some hardware to the new facility.

By the end of the 2021 summer season the program has successfully gotten 7 players to move on to play college baseball, with a number of players on their way to hopefully making their dreams come true. In just one year this is very impressive. J&M strives to get their players to the next level, and get them a college education whilst playing baseball.

J&M Baseball is still on the rise, and with the opening of the facility soon, the program should boom. My best advice for you is to get involved while you can!