Steve Cohen Finalizes Deal to Buy Mets

What it might mean for next year’s Mets team


Anthony Bambus, Staff Writer

Mets fans, your savior has come! Billionaire Steve Cohen has agreed on a $2.42 billion deal to buy the New York Mets franchise. The despised, horrid Wilpons are headed out the door now that 23 of the 30 MLB organizations have agreed to this transfer of ownership; which is more than likely to happen.

Mets fans across the fanbase are ecstatic that there will now be someone who wants to win and is willing to spend money for talent, unlike the sleazy Wilpon family. Cohen will bring much needed wealth to the franchise along with plenty of passion and team spirit. Cohen has been a lifelong Mets fan and has been pursuing to buy the franchise for some time after an original deal fell through in February of 2020 according to NBC News. 

@Nym_News on Instagram is the most popular Mets fan page on social media and I decided to ask Jaron Kiviat, the head of the account, for his expectations of Steve Cohen becoming the new owner of the franchise. He is expecting a heavy amount of change to the atmosphere of the team. “It’ll be an overnight culture change and you’ll feel his presence right away. I’m very excited for the new era!”, said Kiviat.

There is plenty of optimism for big things to happen in the upcoming 2021 Mets season. The Mets have had the talent to be a postseason and even World Series contender year after year but have struggled with management and the poor front office. Steve Cohen and his $14.1 billion net worth is expected to fill the missing piece the organization needs to bring a ring to Queens, NY for the first time since 1986. 

As Kivat said, “you’ll feel his presence right away”, which has been the case as the Mets have been the most aggressive team in free agency this offseason. Steve Cohen has already signed two very valuable pieces to the puzzle in reliever, Trevor May, and rising star catcher, James McCann. May will provide well needed help to the bullpen; who with one more piece like Brad Hand or Liam Hendriks has the potential to be the best bullpen in the league. McCann was also a great signing, locking him up for 4 years each worth $10mil. With Cohen’s early and aggressive approach expect the Mets to make two or three more big free agent signings, most likely George Springer as the team is in desperate need for a true centerfielder.

As for the front office, Steve has already gotten that figured out too. Cohen cut ties with former GM Brodie Van Wagenen and brought back Sandy Alderson. Recently, the Mets also hired Jared Porter from the Diamondbacks to be their new GM. Cohen also rehired manager, Luis Rojas, who struggled last year but has a good ballpark presence and relationship with players.

It is obvious that Cohen wants to build a championship team fast and win now. He even said that it would be “a disappointment” if the Mets don’t win a championship in the next three to five years. The usually laughed upon Mets won’t be slept on much longer if Steve keeps up his fast pace of forming a championship team and will be a serious contender this upcoming season and years to come.